Rimless Glazing & Assembly Guidelines.

We recommend: 

  • Use a nylon coated plier to remove the demo lenses.
  • Remove any residue off the nylon plugs, bridge pins, screws and end pieces, taking care not to damage them.
  • For each model axis and hole position please visit: Rimless Measurements
  • Use the original nylon plugs supplied to assemble the correction lenses or sun lenses.
  • Assemble all the components using a plier with plastic inserts to prevent damaging the lens.
    To view the assembly guidelines please visit: Rimless Assembly

We do not recommend using CR39 or a 1.56 index lens.

We do recommend using a 1.59 polycarbonate or 1.61 MR8 lens as standard for all rimless frames.

Care should be taken if using acetone on a 1.59 polycarbonate lens.